Sunday, March 10, 2013


Materials I created for Grapple.

1 - Metal Material – Created to be used in concurrence with anything metal to attempt to keep our metallic assets in the game the same.  Set up to be instanced and parameters with placeholders in them so that normal maps and detail color and specular maps could be put over top as long as they had a proper alpha channel included.  Used for nearly all our metallic assets, except for special cases such as the truss asset.

2 - Wall Material – Created to support the creation of varying wall materials, but didn’t end up getting used.  Needed some more tweaking and better masks between clay and bricks.  Also could be optimized more.

3 - Tesla Lightning – Used Karen’s tesla material as a base to keep the same look and feel.  Created using several panning and texture coordinate nodes.  This was used on an object put inside the Generator Tower at the end of the level.

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