Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fungal Hell - IT BEGINS!

Starting a new environment finally.  Been busy working on a game called Ascendant with Hapa Games.  I'll probably post some stuff up about that later once I get the chance.  I'm moving my focus more towards my portfolio now (Ascendant is heavily stylized).

This is a concept by the awesome Ryoma Tazi.  He's going to be working with me on this by provided detailed concepts of props / individual assets.  While pushing him to create extremely finished and detailed asset concept pages, it will also help push me to creating more detailed assets.

This is the rough block out so far.  Just made a bunch of simple geometry block models in Maya and duplicated a bunch of them around to get a small amount of set dressing; trying to get a feel for the amount of clutter I'm going to need to get the overgrown feel you see in the concept.  Obviously going to need a ton more but mostly as smaller detail assets.  I pushed it through to UDK; super lazy mode, just combined all the meshes and pulled it in as a single asset and gave it per poly collision so I could jump around in it.  Added some environmental fog to make sure my terrain was going out far enough and that the atmosphere and skybox I'll make later will accomplish what I need to get the feel of being in an expansive forest.  For demonstration purposes I don't intend to run all over the place, I'll mostly be showing off key camera angles in a limited space.  Trying to focus on quality not quantity.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to the Gun Show

For my final portfolio project I created a modular gun set for use in our game Warp Derby.

Here are some of the combinations that were approved and put into the game.

This shows all of the pieces used in assembling the guns.  Broken down into Base, Stock, and Barrel.

 Here are the texture maps I created baked down from hi poly sculpts of the pieces.

Last but not least, the low poly wireframes for all of the pieces!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Death Tomb Walk Through and Breakdown

Video Link

 Death Tomb Environment in UDK


Wire frames

Textures          SPEC - DIFFUSE - NORMAL

Grass 1

Grass 2

Grass Cards (Small grass mask - specular - large grass mask - diffuse)

Rock Texture

Vine Decal

Water Texture Pack (Emissive - Mask - Detail Mask - Specular)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Scan Data Exploration

First pass at pulling scan data into Maya. 

123D Catch

Reconstruct Me

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Warp Derby Train and Ram

Made a few more assets for Warp Derby.  The train is possibly not actually done.  I think I need to redo the textures but we'll see.  The ram is done however.  The engines on the side of the ram are made to pivot and rotate- in the game, it zooms back and forth knocking you into various death traps if you're unfortunate enough to be in its way.

Train -

Train Wireframes -

Train Texture Maps -  NORMAL - DIFFUSE - SPECULAR

Main Body

Empty Car

Loaded Car

Demon Head


Ram -

Ram Wireframes




Monday, June 10, 2013

Death Tomb Work in Progress

All models baked from high poly sculpts out of zbrush.  Textures made via vertex painting.  Plan on trying to add another layer in the shader containing vines and whatnot. 

-Sean Buck

Death Tomb WIP Sculpts Shaders and Wires

Assets for the Death Tomb shrine area.





Shrine Base

Shrine Altar Wall


Shrine Body

Vertex Shader I made that could be instanced and used for all the objects in the scene.

Stone Textures used for Vertex Painting - SPEC - DIFFUSE - NORMAL